f ASDAM - Australian Sovereign Defence and Advanced Manufacturing Group


Engineer. Manufacture. Sustain.


ASDAM is a leading sovereign defence, advanced manufacturing and sustainment company. It provides end-to-end capability across design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and sustainment. ASDAM includes Marand, TAE Aerospace, Rosebank Engineering and Levett Engineering. ASDAM’s role is to provide continued access to capital and resources to build and grow sovereign industrial capability.

ASDAM services a number of defence and non-defence programs, and has long term relationships with governments, defence prime contractors and other industrial customers. ASDAM is Australia’s largest supplier to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program. ASDAM operates from 20 locations across Australia and the United States, and has approximately 1,000 employees. Select customers include Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney and BHP.

ASDAM is majority owned by funds managed by CPE Capital.


Marand is a global supplier of precision engineered solutions to a range of industries, including aerospace, defence, rail, automotive, mining and energy. Marand designs and manufactures complex equipment, tooling and bespoke products for its blue chip client base, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems.

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TAE Aerospace

TAE Aerospace is Australia’s largest engine maintenance, repair & overhaul (“MRO”) provider and the operator of the only F-35 Joint Strike Fighter engine MRO facility in Asia Pacific. TAE services engines for both commercial clients and global and local defence programs, including the Abrams tank for the Australian Army and the Super Hornet for the Royal Australian Air Force.

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Levett Engineering

Levett Engineering is a precision component manufacturer with an Australian and international client base that includes the defence, aerospace, medical, electronics and commercial engineering sectors.

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Rosebank Engineering

Rosebank Engineering is an Australian sovereign defence and advanced manufacturing company, committed to precision engineering, aircraft sustainment and innovation. With an experienced team of specialists and facilities across Australia fully-equipped with the latest technology and cutting-edge automated machinery, Rosebank Engineering are well-equipped to deliver innovative turnkey manufacturing, repair, engineering and surface treatment solutions for Defence and non-Defence markets.

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